What is the population of the world?

What about the country with the largest population? The most populous cities or states? Find the population of all these regions throughout the world and more. The populations are broken down by country, state, and city. You can view maps of all populations in any one of these categories or find any population within a list (which also links to the individual map of the area’s population). Data is available for the current world population, US population, country populations, US states population, city populations. Also view each location’s rank, flag, and percentage of world population.

The population of the world is currently: 6,923,880,234 people
The population of the United States is currently: 311,523,502 people

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Lists of additional country-specific information such as country codes and area codes can be found at these locations. If you’re looking for more detailed maps within individual US states like, for instance, Clinton Township in Lenawee County in Michigan, you can perform a search for any township on this state townships page, which also gives the counties of the districts.

Definition: population (pop·u·la·tion) The total number of inhabitants constituting a particular race, class, or group in a specified area.. The current world population, according to the United States Census Bureau, is estimated to be around 6.9 billion.